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Knitters need Entertainment!

If you are like me, if you are are knitting - right? Once you've got that stitch pattern down pat or when you are knitting swathes of beautiful fine gauge stocking stitch, you NEED entertaining!

My latest project, Amaryllis by Marie Wallin (from her Springtime Collection) is an interesting combination of challenging knitting, followed by LOTS of stocking stitch! The charted border of the body and the sleeves.....has some tricky irregular spacing...caught me out I have to admit! Then there are those LONG floats! But once those borders are's all stocking stitch....knitting to motor along with!

Thank goodness for our modern technology!

Technology today makes it EASY to keep yourself entertained while knitting! You can watch a favourite DVD (the more times you watch a DVD the less you actually have to watch it - as you are knitting you see the movie in your mind even though you might not be watching the screen! I'm right aren't I???) 

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